For over twenty five years I have been a Land Cruiser aficionado, starting with a single FJ40 and eventually having owned and driven most models.  With me when I call my insurance agent to add a vehicle, they never even ask “What vehicle?”, they just ask “What year?”, while briefly commenting, “Another one!”.  But with over 320,000 trouble free miles on one truck as well as excellent value retention and appreciation history on many more, why would I consider anything else.

During this time I was instrumental in founding, as well as serving as the initial President of Lone Star Land Cruisers which has grown to become one of the largest Toyota Land Cruiser Clubs in the United States.

I have driven countless hours traveling to hunt for or bring back trucks from all kinds of locales.

I have traveled on long journeys just to dig through parts piles or visit other Land Cruiser businesses.

I have enjoyed meeting with cruiser heads from all over the world and made many life-long friends.

But of all these things, the most fun is always the hunt.

Combining this passion with the blessing I have been afforded to be able to pursue this adventure, I look forward to helping you in any way I can.

Tom Watson